Project: Nautilus

Operated by the non-profit organisation Ocean Exploration Trust, founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in pure ocean exploration.

Their international programs centre on scientific exploration of the seafloor and many of the expeditions are launched from aboard E/V Nautilus itself, the 64-meter exploration vessel. In addition to conducting scientific research, we offer our expeditions to explorers on shore via live video, audio, and data feeds from the inbuilt state of the art satellite communications aboard.

We also bring educators and students of all ages aboard during E/V Nautilus expeditions, offering them hands-on experience in ocean exploration, research, and communications.​


Nautilus Current Location

Projects Details: The Nautilus

Ship Specifics At-a-Glance


  •  1967, Rostock, Germany
  •  64.23 meters (211 feet)
  •  10.5 meters (34.5 feet)
  •  4.9 meters (14.75 feet)
  •  1,249 gross, 374 net
  • 24,000 kilometers (13,000 nautical miles) at 10 knots
  •  40 days at sea
  •  10 knots service, 12 knots maximum
  •  330 cubic meters
  •  Single 1,285 kilowatt (1,700 hp) controllable pitch main thruster; 280 kW bow tunnel thruster; 300 kW jet pump stern thruster
  •  Two 585 kVA generators, one 350 kVA generator
  •  One 20-foot van
  •  17 crew; 31 science and operations
  •  St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Dynacon 421 ROV winch with Rochester A06063 1.73 centimeter (0.681 inch) diameter cable
    • DT Marine 210 winch
    • Bonfiglioli knuckle-boom crane, 2–6 ton capacity, two extensions
    • Two airtuggers, SWL 900 lbs each
    • A-frame, SWL 8 mtns
    • 2 Rescue boats; davit with SWL 0.9 mtn
    • Oceanscience UCTD 10-400 profiling system; max depth 1,000 meters

Telepresence Technology

  •  2.4 meter axis stabilized Sea Tel 9711 uplink antenna capable of C- and Ku-band operation of up to 20 Mbps (C-band circular or linear)
  •  6 Haivison X Encoders streaming live video via satellite to the Inner Space Center ashore including spares)
  •  15 high-definition pan/tilt/zoom cameras: aft deck and port rail; Command Center; wet lab; ROV hangar; winch hold


  • Ship-wide RTS Telex intercom system for shipboard communications and connection with shoreside participants
  • Telephone interface is available through a Rhode Island exchange for real-time collaboration between scientists ashore and on the ship
  • Full Internet connectivity from shipboard LAN and wifi
  • KVH TracPhone-v7 for redundant bridge communication, providing telephone and IP service

Data Processing & Visualization Lab

  •  44.5 square meters (480 square feet)
  •  Seven workstations for science manager, data loggers, navigators, educators, data engineers, satellite engineer, video engineer; seafloor mapping data processing; flexible bench space

Rack Room

  •  17.3 square meters (185 square feet)
  •  22 TB onboard storage for non-video data; 150 TB disk storage for video data
  •  Iridium phone, KVH phone
  •  80 cu ft of storage

Production Studio

  •  12 square meters (130 square feet)
  •  Remote controllable high-definition Sony BRC-H700 in studio; Canon FX-305 for live deck television broadcasts

Wet Lab

  •  19 square meters (204.5 square feet) with 5.3-meter-long (17.5-foot) stainless steel bench and 2.3-meter-long (7.6-foot) worktop
    • Panasonic MDF-C8V1 ULT –80/–86°C scientific freezer, 0.085 cubic meters (3 cubic feet)
    • 2 science refrigerators, approximately 0.57 cubic meters each (20 cubic feet each)
    • Science freezer, -20°C, 0.14 cubic meter (5 cubic feet)
    • Fume hood
    • 2 HAZMAT lockers for chemical and waste storage
    • Carry-on, carry-off chemical policy

ROV Hangar

  •  24 square meters (258.3 square feet)
  •  110/60 Hz and 220/50 Hz available
  •  Hard hats, PFDs, high voltage gloves
  •  2 × 2-ton overhead manual chainfall lifts
  •  Storage for spares and other equipment

ROV Workshop

  •  18 square meters (193.8 square feet)
  •  Complete set of hand tools, cordless tools, electrical and fiber optic test equipment, mill-drill combination machine
  •  Storage for spares and other equipment

Specifics augmented under Maritime  Management

We are proud to have been associated with The Ocean Exploration Trust, lead by the world famous Bob Ballard, since 2009. They have undertaken many expeditions; the search for Amelia Earharts plane, investigating previously undiscovered artifacts and shipwrecks, natural underwater features, volcanoes and fault lines in the Mediterranean Sea and Black sea, all the way up to mapping Hawaii’s most recent active volcanoes as well as countless other deep sea phenomena.  We are happy to say that over the years, we’ve been privileged in providing the best crew and management needed for these expeditions to be the successes they have been. Maritime Management have not just managed the day-to-day technical management of the ship but has also project managed major modifications to the vessel to further expedition progress.

List include:

  • A new A-frame
  • new crane
  • three new generators
  • dynamic positioning system with the addition of jet pump and new bow thrust.
  • Modifications to accomodation and public spaces
3D image of proposed Viewing Gallery.
Finished Viewing Gallery
  • satellite dome
Derrick Mast removal for satellite fitting
Satellite completion 2011
  • new ROV hangar and workshop
  • data lab, wet lab and gymnasium
  • sophisticated new Konsberg EM320 multibeam echo sounder
Multibeam model similar to the one aboard.
  • moon pool

During the COVID pandemic, a lot of Nautilus’ busy calendar was halted. We at Maritime Management are taking things a step further to ensure continued success in the ships future. Nautilus is getting a near complete mechanical upgrade. Beginning In 2018/19 off season Nautilus has been refitted with a new traction winch allowing scientists and marine biologists to reach depths of 6000 metres in ROV exploration. In the current off season 2019/20, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our management and excellent crew on board successfully continued to undertake the long planned re-engining of the Nautilus. The new ABC 8DZ four stroke engine installed is a modern, fuel efficient, lower emissions propulsion system that perfects Nautilus’ ocean surface manoeuvrability as well as a cleaner more environmentally friendly way of exploring our oceans. It will give greater utility for mapping and station keeping that is crucial to oceanographic research where accuracy is paramount.  See below some images of the project so far. More updates to follow in our news section.

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We are proud to have been associated with The Ocean Exploration Trust, led by the world famous Bob Ballard, since 2009.

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