Nautilus Launched in Ensenada

After many months of drydocking in Ensenada Mexico, Nautilus is triumphantly touching water once again. She has a 4 metre extension to her stern to allow for more large and innovative ROV launches in the future and also some small extensions to cabin quarters to the stern. This is a jam packed year for Nautilus, despite having successfully completed surveys and missions even though COVID presented many obstacles, we will continue as planned to do more coastal mapping of the East Coast seaboard. But this year Nautilus will once again return further east to Hawaii. Hawaii has always been of great to Exploration Exploration Trust, not only for its volcanic amount of research potential but it is home to some the most diverse and wonderful flora fauna and rock formations in the entire Pacific Rim.

On the 13th July, mapping of the Santa Barbra seaboard is first on the expedition list, stay tuned for updates and click here for more info on Nautilus’ expedition page.