Wiring The Abyss

Despite the challenging effects of COVID 19, Nautilus has continued to operate its surprisingly busy calendar of projects. Through 28 Aug-Sep 2 after completing our new engine sea trials and commissioning  Nautilus has been mapping  around some key areas along the West Coast of North America. This was not just preparation for future dive exploration but a chance to closely examine natural resources and fisheries to better the scope of The U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.


We are happy to announce that the current project we are involved with Nautilus in is Wiring The Abyss with Ocean Networks Canada. Mobilisation was last week in Sidney, near Victoria BC This project will be continuing until  the 17th of September.In cooperation with the University of Victoria’s NEPTUNE observatory, a long time partner with Nautilus and Ocean Exploration Trust, we are helping facilitate an 800km fiber optic cable loop connected with instruments at several nodes that accurately measure and upgrade NEPTUNE’s observatory sensors and mapping. This will help to gather real time data on the scientific research needed to make marine interests and education more prevalent to Canadian communities, governments and industry at large.